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Monday, March 05, 2007

Screaming for Rosalind

Dear Lonesome Reader,

This is proper, spill my guts out time.

Screaming for Rosalind is a very short piece of animation I made 16 years ago at the tender age of 22.

It is part of a 5 minute film called "Commercials for Everyday Life", which got itself shown at the 1991 london Film Festival alongside the work of industry legends such as Liz Whitaker and the Quay Brothers.

No computers were touched during the making of this work. It's all peg bars, pencils, paper, rostrum cameras and 16mm.

The voice was provided by esteemed stage and screen actress, Veronica Quilligan, who took my inane teenage poem and imbued it with a life and gravity I could never have imagined.

The drawing is a bit crap and the animation a bit clunky, but its the only part of the film I can currently bear to watch all the way through.

Who knows, when I become more immune to internet dignicide, I may choose to post the other four parts.


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