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Monday, January 19, 2009


I've taken a break from posting on here, to regroup a bit, get some perspective.

I have discovered that trying to use this site to blog comics is a gross arse pain, and pointless, when there are many places purpose built for such an enterprise.

So I'll stop doing that.

I've been working in CGI Animation for some time now, but still feel like I know very little (compared to what I feel I should know) about it, film making or making comics. I always seek to learn new things, stretch my abilites, so I'm ready (because if you're always ready, you never have to get ready, right?).

So this blog will become a kind of progress report, and place to share what I learn. And as I say, it won't just be animation related, film making and comics will find a place here too.

I continue to tumble sources of inspiration, and twitter ill advised sentiments expressed in moments of weakness.

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I have been working in the CGI industry for 11 years. Studied Animation at the West Surrey College of Arts and Design (now UCA) and have had work shown at the London Film Festival. I work for Bristol based BDH Design and Direction and have worked on programs such as the BBC’s forthcoming “The Rise of the Continents”,  “British Style Genius” (winner of an RTS), "Wonders of the Universe" and also “The Boy with the Incredible Brain”. 

In my spare time (!), I experiment with animation, and recently kept an Animated Journal.

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