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Monday, February 02, 2009

Hourly Comics Day 2

First thing next morning looking over it, it didn't turn out as I expected, I meant to do it all myself, but chores and parental stuff took over, and once the children had seen what i was doing they all wanted to do it themselves.

So the experience has been great for three reasons:

1). Introducing me to the idea of diary comicing again. something I'd like to keep trying, because I do believe it helps fluency.

2). My wife really got into drawing her bit, and was inspired to do the "butterfly parade" page at the end there. That made her very happy.

3). Introducing my children to the idea of drawing comics. They've seen me sitting about drawing in little books, but was great to invite them in and then see them taking part.

My Eldest was so inspired, she ended up continutng her own spin-off-cross-over piece I'll attach below.

So we all had a full day and a great time doing the comic, hopefully I'll be on board next year.

cheers then



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